CompojoomComment is a very simple, flexible and easy to use comment extension for Joomla. In this category you will find all the modules, plugin and documentation available for it.

Stable 5.3.1

Released on:
Monday, 02 February 2015 00:00
1420 times

This release finally comes with custom fields support. This means that you are now able to define additional fields that your users have to fill out before submiting the comment. You can have a text field, checkbox or select field. Refer to our documentation for more details.

Another addition is support for EasySocial avatar and profiles. (if you get any errors in the frontend related to the avatar support make sure to open your settings in the backend and save them after that)

If you need a language pack look over here.

# changelog in the PRO version was wrong
# unable to save comments in the backend
+ the docman plugin has been updated to support version 2 of the component
+ once the comment is submitted close the comment form completely
# the hotspots plugin now supports hotspots 5
# the ordering of the latest submitted comment was not correct

# EasySocial avatars now use the path specified in EasySocial
# don't show a custom field when it isn't filled out
# custom fields were rendered several times depending on how many fields there are
+ adding a checkbox custom field
+ added EasySocial avatar support
+ added EasySocial profile support
# cb comment wall plugin was not respecting the use_name setting
+ developer feature: onPrepareConfig event allowing you to override the config on initialization
+ added option to sort on best comments or worst comments first (based on the votes)
# cb installation was showing an error when no language file was present in the package
# wrong date format for the cb user comments plugin
+ custom fields support

# wrong link generated by the matukio plugin
# no longer display error loading feed on the dashboard
# wrong link to rss feed in the dashboard
# the installer plugin was missing from the PRO package
# wrong url for ajax requests on some installations
# when editing a comment, the wrong gravatar was fetched

# comment system was no longer loading when user wrote a comment and provided an email

# the installer plugin was missing for joomla 2.5
+ added an option to minify the javascript files
+ added an option to select the user groups that are allowed to post without moderation
+ added an option for comment maximum depth level
- no longer uses require.js
# on multilingual sites we no longer need 2 requests to fetch the comments
- removed features from core package: "disable comments in", "content creator moderator", "use names", "emoticons turn off"

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