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regarding your "Hostposts" extension, Is
If when you hovered (!) over each of the icons, the name of the project appears ...
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Posted on Thursday, 03 June 2021
Comments not in correct place.
Comments section not in correct place. It should be under the video....
6 Replies
Posted on Saturday, 29 May 2021
  • Resolved
  • Matukio, Event: attach file to event in backend er
    in event-administration it is not possible to upload attachments. the errormessa...
    4 Replies
    Posted on Monday, 24 May 2021
  • Resolved
  • Delete Custom-Booking Forms
    we have a lot of unnamed custom-booking-forms. the "Delete Custom Booking F...
    8 Replies
    Posted on Friday, 07 May 2021
  • Resolved
  • How at hand Weed Your Garden
    Weeding a backyard garden may be one of the most dreaded tasks a gardener faces....
    1 Replies
    Posted on Wednesday, 26 May 2021