Get a customizable and fast loading Google map component for your Joomla site! Hotspots comes with comprehensive documentation, making it very easy to install and set up.

Stable 3.6.2

Released on:
Monday, 17 March 2014 00:00
563 times

A lot of bugfixes and new features! Check the release notes for more info!

in 3.6.2
# could not create a map menu on Joomla 2.5
# JomSocial plugins were not installed with the package

in 3.6.1:
# fixed - wrong group for k2 plugin
# fixed - possible error during update from previous version

in 3.6.0:
# fixed - wrong redirect when using SEF and wrong captcha was entered in the form in the frontend
# fixed - content plugin was not using the custom image
+ added an option to override the hotspots settings in the menu
+ added k2 plugin that would add a pin for a k2 entry. It also displays a map after the k2 entry
+ added jomsocial plugin to add a pin for the user's address on the map
+ adding a matukio plugin that can publish the events on the hotspots map
+ added an option to unpublish the hotspot created through CB, instead of deleting it
# the cb plugin was not properly deleting the hotspots mappings
+ added the compojoom library to the package
+ added id column to the hotspots view in the backend
# TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'b.getNorthEast')
# centering in single view was not working properly in some situations
+ updated the CB plugin with an option to set the title of the hotspot and to define mapping between hotspots custom fields and cb custom fields
+ added the option to geocode the address of a CB user and to add his location in a specific category in Hotspots
# the map controls were not changeble (no position or style could be set)
~ powered by cannot be changed from the settings for the core version anymore
+ added hotspots_search_tab position (in the menu directly after the directions form)
+ adding the ability to show modules in the menu (hotspots_top_category_ID && hotspots_bottom_category_ID positions, where ID is the ID of the category where modules should be shown)
# the copied link was not working on safari browser
# auto-resize the infowindow whenever the user changes the map dimentions
+ added list type for the custom fields
# treat the c argument in the url as lat & lng & not as a string for the geocoder
# style the userhotspots view on joomla 3.0
+ adding a no matching result message when there are no hotspots
# making the sobiPro improt script compatible with the latest sobiPro version 1.1.5
# customfields were not working on j2.5
# send map & print map was not working in some situations
- removing unused files
# the update script wasn't properly updating the custom fields
# generating unique file names for images. Otherwise they can end up being overridden by accident
+ added custom fields support to the hotspots form
+ added backend config screen for customfields
# Selecting single hotspot from the menu was not that easy as it was buggy...
# recaptcha was loaded over http connection on https sites
# infobubble was loading resources over http:// instead of https://
# helper was not defined in the CB plugin
# load the correct url for the CB plugin
# the google api was not loaded through https in the CB plugin
# panoramio user id needs to be stored as a string and not an integer

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