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Monday, 04 May 2015 21:58
  • ccomment was not working properly on multilingual VM installs
  • CComment 5.3.3 - Released 27-April-2015
  • docman plugin couldn't be updated on new install
  • fixed reordering issue with custom fields
  • typo in the komento import script caused the import not to function - thanks to Jordan Weinstein for reporting and fixing!
  • option to gather anonymous stats about the environment & configuration of the extension
  • added JED review request on the dashboard
  • CComment 5.3.2 - Released 2-February-2015
  • CComment 5.3.0 - Released 5-January-2015

CComment core (dev release)

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This is a development release! DO NOT INSTALL ON PRODUCTION SITES!

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