Chapter 4. FAQ

I've enabled block standard login and now I can't login into my Joomla backend

If you've enabled the block standard login option in the plugin settings, then people who have connected their accounts with won't be ablet o use the standard joomla login. They would need to click on the mydigipass login button in order to login. If you are an administrator on the site and you've connected your profile with you would need to use in the joomla backend as well. If you have forgotten to publish the mydigipass admin module in your joomla backend you will no longer be able to login there.

Don't panic! You will be able to login into the backend again, but you need to unlink your account and for this you'll need access to your database preferably through phpmyadmin. Once you are logged into your database navigate to the #__user_profiles table and look for the settings for your user id. If you don't know your user id, navigate to #__users and look for your username in there. The id column will give you an idea what your id number is. Once you have the id go back to the #__user_profiles table, find the records for your user_id and delete the uuid setting. Now you should be able to login again.