Chapter 1. Introduction

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Introducing Mydigipass

Introducing Mydigipass™ is a security service aiming to protect your online identity. The service is developed by the VASCO® Data Security GmbH and through this documentation we will just call it Mydigipass API.

The Mydigipass package distributed through is a collection of modules and plugins that makes integrating the mydigipass API with your Joomla! site a breeze.

So what does exactly do?

On typical Joomla! site, users login with email addresses and static passwords: something they know. Two-factor authentication adds something they have to the authentication process. If you install and configure the mydigipass package on your Joomla site, users will securely login by generating a OTP (one time password) using their authenticator by scanning a QR code with their mobile devices, authenticating via the embedded DIGIPASS in Intel® IPT on their laptop, ob by using on of the digipass hardware tokens. The authenticator is what the user has and is the second authentication factor.