When you click on the number of bookings in the dates overview or use the menu entry you come to the events (dates) booking screen. From there you can manage and create new bookings. And much more - For example export to csv, print booking lists, contact or certificate participants. If you click on the participants name you can see and edit the booking. By clicking on the certificate image the user will be certificated and can then download (if enabled in the settings) his certificate in the frontend and will be notified by mail. If you click on paid the bookings payment status will be set to Paid (P). In the top right you find the regular options, which are pretty self explaining. When you click on Contact you come to a new site where you can send an E-Mail to all participants.

On the top right of the bookings menu you find 3 Buttons which allow you to export and print the participants. The signature list buttons generates by default (you can change the template to your own needs in the template section) a printable list for this event with a signature field to fill out by the participants. The second one generates a nice participants-list, including HR- or QR-Barcode (You can use HR- and QR-Codes everywhere). The third one is for the CSV Export. You can customize all export data in the templates section (Configuration -> Templates) of Matukio (since 2.2).


The "Name" column is generated out of the booking fields firstname and lastname. If you change them to something else the overview will not work correctly. The same goes for the E-Mail display!