Parsing content

You've successfully migrated your content!? Congratulations! Now, you are ready to fix the most common problems in imported content! Our "Parsing" function will remove all unnecessary 'class', 'id', '<code>', '[caption]', '<blockquote>', '<ins>', '<del>' tags! Also, all of your images will be transferred to your media/images folder and WordPress '<!--more-->' will be replaced with Joomla!™ content separator(allowing you to have intro text and full text for your content)! How awesome is that?! So, lets go through the parsing option.


Parsing is a not reversible process. If you need some of the old tags in your wordpress/drupal content or if you want to make the changes manually, then don't use this option! Currently you can't select which tags you want to be deleted!

After clicking "OK", you will need to select configuration you used for your migration before. This is really important, since we are using your selections before to parse articles!


Parsing can take some time. It depends on the number of articles, number of changes made and number of pictures to download to your server.

Once you've selected the right configuration, let the magic start! Click on "Parse content"!

When it is ready you can see status of the parsing. You will see number of articles changed and their ids. Clicking on the id will open your changed article in new window (tab) where you inspect the new article.

As you can see, in our example, some of the images don't exist anymore! Maybe you have deleted or moved some picture. In that case, you will see which image was deleted/moved. The URL to that image won't be changed since we couldn't import it in the media/images folder.