CMandrill - Joomla transactional emails on steroids thanks to Mandrill

Apparently I've spent too much time with the Mandrill service. So much time, that I really love it, but people around me just don't get it. That is why before I introduce to your our new extension, I'll spent few minutes explaining what transactional emails are, why they matter and why Mandrill is so awesome!

So what is a transactional email? Basically it is an email sent to an individual based on an action. It could be:

  • an action they took directly
  • an action they were the target of
  • even an inaction (such as a reminder mail telling your users to log on to your website)

For example - if you register on, first you'll get a mail asking you to confirm your registration. This mail is a transactional email (it was sent due to an action) & it is extremely important that it lands in your inbox. If it doesn't, then you cannot complete the registration process.

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Mandrill for Joomla! Say hello to transactional emails!

In the beginning of the month Mailchimp unveiled a new service called Mandrill. Mandrill is a service that allows you to send transactional emails.

The core features of it can be summarized in the following lines:

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