What's up with joomlacomment beta1?

2 months ago I released !joomlacomment 4.0 alpha3 and said that we could expect beta1 within one week. Well as you can see, things didn't go quite this way :). However, there are good news!

Last week I was working a lot on this and I can finally say that all bugs that were reported during alpha3 test phase were fixed! I will need your help to finalize the release!

With the alpha versions of our software we introduced a new template "modern", that is basically the same as the "default" one. I hear you asking: "Why it is the same as the default one?". I answer: "Because with previous templates build on tables instead of lists we had a very ugly results when the comment indent feature was in use." The modern template fixes this issue and is the way we are going to build all templates from now on.

If you already use the modern template and have some display issues(css problems :)), please use the form below or send me an e-mail, or write to us in the forum. I wish to have a look at your site and fix the problems you have with the modern template. This will unsure us that the modern template is ready for the future :)

Thank you in advance for your help!

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