Welcome to Compojoom

As a lot of you already know Alain Georgette doesn't have anymore the time to develop !joomlacomment and to offer the support that the community deserve. However I'm sure, that he is going to join us again in 2009 :)

This web site is the new place for support and news about the best commenting solution out there for Joomla :)

What is the future of the project?
We are working now on version 4, that should be Joomla 1.5 native (with we, I mean Walter Cédric :))

When are we going to be ready?

I don't know. But, before the end of 2008, perhaps :)

Greetings and have fun with !joomlacomment!
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!JoomlaComment 3.26 released
Cedric Walter has joined the project