We are getting there! - Hotspots 3 beta2 released!

I've just published Hotspots 3 beta2 to our development section. This release includes all bug fixes and speed improvements since beta1.

For more information on what is new in version 3 please refer to the following blog posts:


If you want to help grab beta2 and install it on a test site! This version also supports updating from hotspots 2.0 - so be careful what you do! Please report any found problem in our forum and will make sure to fix everything for the RC release!

For the people that are curious but don't have the time to install and test this beta here is a small preview:

http://demo.compojoom.com/dev/index.php?Itemid=497#!/catid=1 - each category on the dev site has a different number of hotspots

category 1 - 1 000 markers
category 2 - 9 000 markers
category 3 - 29 000 markers
category 4 - 60 000 markers

And it works! :)

Please don't install on production sites!

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