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There were several reports that joomlacomment was having problems with mysql version 4. There is also a report here about a bug, that I couldn't untill now understand.

Yesterday I read receipt 7.12 Calling Methods on an Object Returned by Another Method

You need to call a method on an object returned by another method.

Call the second method directly from the first:

$orange = $fruit->get('citrus')->peel();

PHP is smart enough to first call $fruit->get('citrus') and then invoke the peel() method on what's returned.

This is na improvement over PHP4, where you needed to use a temporary variable

$orange = $fruit->get('citrus');

Another Vicrory for PHP5!

That is the reason why we get a Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPE.... with php4

So what I want to tell you: !Joomlacomment works on PHP5 and MySQL5. PHP4 and MySQL4 are not anymore supported!

PHP5 is out there since 2004:

MySQL5 is out there since 2005:

In my next blog post I will declare war on IE6! Stay tuned :)

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