sobi2 plugn and RSS improvements

Today I was working on a feature that was requested some 9 months ago :) Sobi2 is a directory component for joomla and now you will be also able to comment on any item in this wonderfull component.

While working on the plugin I found out that the current beta has a problem with a new feature that we introduced - disable future comments. Due to different ids for the different components the comment form in docman and other was always disabled. I fixed that and this bug fix will be included in beta2.

I also finaly managed to move the RSS function to the different plugins. This means that finally we will be able to offer RSS support for comments made in docman, seyret and other.(currently RSS was working only with com_content).

Also with jonusC, we've dicided to start a marketplace here at compojoom. We will offer all future templates and plugins there. If you as a developer have a plugin or a template you can contact us and we will list your addon there. You can define the price, we will take only 30% from it. I think a reasonable price is something between 1 and 5€ per joomlacomment plugin and template. The sobi2 plugin will be the first one that we will distribute though the marketplace for 2€/without taxes.

I think that on Monday we can see both beta2 and the marketplace.

To all joomlacomment users: Have a nice Sunday!

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