!Jowiki - Real integration with mediawiki

Hey there guys!

The time has come! We have to do it! since a lot of time I'm thinking on it. Joomla is a great piece of software, but we all need the incredible mediawiki too. The integration that we have right now is not satisfying. A lot of people don't want to have mediawiki in an iframe, so do I. I want that mediawiki behaves as a joomla extension and not as a stand alone installation.

So let us do it. Let us make it possible! We are looking for a good php programmers that know the 1.5 framework and also have some idea how the mediawiki software is working so we can create this new masterpiece -!jowiki.

We can make it together!


P.S. That is the begining of another open-source project - as such there is no payment (perhaps it will be so good one day that google will support us :)))))))

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