Matukio Events 5.2 released

Matukio Events 5.2 released

​Finally we released the new version Matukio Events 5.2. This major release adds many new features, bugfixes and a lot of other minor improvements.

Custom fields for events

You can now add global or category specific custom fields for your events. You can use different types, like text-fields, selects, checkboxes etc. Organizers fill them then out when they edit or create an event.

Choose between various positions where to display the custom fields content, like in the event-list, below the event title or in the event informations.

Additional simplified event submission form

For public and non-advanced users Matukio brings now a simplified and secured event submission form. It's easily to customize to your own needs with many parameters (like access level, fixed categories, image upload and auto-publishing feature). Try it out here.

Booking form improvements

The booking form now shows the total amount also at the ticket selection on the first page and not only on the third one. Additionally the different fees do now support access control, e.g. you can restrict fees to certain Joomla user groups. There is also a new setting to always send the PDF invoice.

Minify & Join of CSS and JavaScript

Matukio can now automatically minify and join it's JavaScript and CSS files. This optimizes the size of Matukio up to 70%! It includes an integrated caching feature, so it costs no additional performance.

Boulderado cashier support

Like already posted on this separate blog post Matukio now supports the cashier software Boulderado.

Many bugfixes and minor improvements

Like on any release there are countless minor improvements and bug-fixes, like the possibility to add more default values for newly created events, translation support of booking values or many new settings to customize Matukio even more to your needs!

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