Joomladay France impressions

That was my first Joomladay ever :). I must say: I was impressed!. The guys that organized this event did a very good job!

What I liked most, was that every Presentation was oriented on the user Experience.

I visited the following things:

- JFusion - actually this was for advanced users and was a little bit boring for me, since I have already worked with this extension and I have helped a little bit with the vbuletin plugin.

- ACL in Joomla 1.6 - that was the most interesting part for me. It was a presentation hold over the internet from Louis Landry. It was so funny and full with information at the same time. What I can say is that we will definetelly use it in joomlacomment 4.5 :)

- The new MVC in Joomla 1.6 - that was also very good. I was impressed with the JForm class. It will definetelly speed up developer's work.

- Virtuemart - nothing interesting for me here, since I have made one online shop already and I have developed plugins and modules for virtuemart (but again this was for advanced users and not developers).

If you want to download some of the presentations we saw on sunday you can do it here: (everything is in French of course)

I have a small recommendation. Perhaps next year the developer Presentations will be more "do it together" oriented, instead of "sit and listen". I know this is difficult, but there are a lot of code camps, so perhaps something in this direction will be very useful :)

Thank you for this wonderful day! Keep the good work going and make joomladay France 2010 even better!

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