!JoomlaComment - very important update

I was thinking a lot about compojoom lately.

Due to some unexpected events and private issues I had to decide between stopping the development completely and working on paid projects or find a way to finance the project.

I had a look at other Joomla extensions such as sh404SEF, akeebabackup and community builder and I realized that the only way to support the further development of joomlacomment would be to release it with a subscription plan.

I’m sure that this step is not going to be well accepted from everyone, but I see it as the only possible way to ensure the quality everyone expects from Compojoom.

I hope that most of you will understand and support my decision!

!JoomlaComment is now officially renamed to Compojoom Comment.

P.S. Anyone who has donated or helped with translation or bug fix can contact me and will receive the new version once it is released for free.

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