JoomlaComment and K2 integration

As of today there is a plugin for the wonderfull K2 component from joomlaworks. I wish to thank our forum user Benny for the initial work on this plugin. I took his code, rewrote it for joomlacomment 4.0 beta2, added the ability to have friendly urls to use rss and the module :) and now the plugin is available in the download section.

If you wish to use the plugin in connection with our latest comment module you will have to go to modules/mod_comments/mod_comments.xml and edit it. Find

<param name="component" type="list" default="" label="Component" description="Will display comments of the specified component.">

and add a new option for k2 like this

<option value="com_k2">com_k2</option>

save the file and now in the module you should have the componet option k2.

This plugin will be added to the next version of joomlacomment and perhaps the guys from joomlaworks will make a backend option to use joomlacomment instead of their own comment system one day :).

If you have any problems with the plugin you can ask for help in our forum in the section for the k2 plugin.

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