JEDchecker 1.1 released! Codename #collaboration #jpositive

The JEDchecker is getting better and better!

For this release I would like to thank to Tobias Kuhn, Peter van Westen, Alain Rivest and of course last but not least OpenTranslators :)

Now the JEDchecker is able to scan .xml files and look for the license tag. (a rule that is often a reason not to be published on the JED)

The SE1 and PH2 rules were improved. PH1 - doesn't report missing index.html files in system folders now. PH2 on the other hand checks not only for _JEXEC, but also for: JPATH_PLATFORM, JPATH_BASE, AKEEBAENGINE, WF_EDITOR

There were also few minor usability changes and a small bug fix for unzipping on linux machines.

The download can be found here:

If you are a developer and wish to help - checkout the github page: 

The JED rules can be found here:

The next rule that needs to be implemented is PH1 and once we are ready we should look closely at the code_sniffer :)

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