Hotspots 2.0.4 released

There are days, when I'm really proud with what I do and today is one of them. In the download section you can find our maintenance update for hotspots. Before I give you the changelog, let us look at those 2 screenshots:

There are 2 new elements in the interface - one is the quick search field - I think that your users are really going to appreaciate it :) The next step here would be to improve the search algorithms, so that we get relevant results when we search. For example coffee - should also show the cappuccino shops, etc...

The second small new element is the delete button near the directions. Now you can easily clear your route if you don't need to see it. (ah, that are the small things in life :))

For those of you using Hotspots 2.0.3 - I'm sorry! In it, I've deleted the live update configuration and now you are not able to enter your download credentials. Please just do a direct download and install on top of Hotspots 2.0.3. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

Here is the complete changelog:

A big thank you to everyone who has participated in this release by reporting bugs, proposing solutions and by giving us translations! You are welcome to do the same in the future :)

If you have a subscription click here to download Hotspots 2.0.4. If you don't have a subscription - GET ONE!
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