Hotspots 1.0 stable released

We are really proud to announce the immediate availability of Hotspots 1.0 stable.

A big thank you to all subscribers, translators and testers! Without you guys this wouldn't be possible!

The most notable thing, besides the 18 bug fixes is the jomSocial integration and the possibility to add markers, which don't lie on a road.

You can also find several new translations of the component in Spanish and French. We should also see a Macedonian and Croatian translation in the next days (thank you in advance to ).

Our Joomfish users will be happy to learn that Oliver Schwab provided us with definitions for joomfish's content elements. You can get it here.

And now the complete change log:

^ Bug #177: Translation of 'Close' button in marker detail page not working
# Bug #178: No map displayed when route planning (routenplaner) is disabled in backend
# Bug #179: Hotspots Logo missing in Backend Informations
# Bug #180: Locations (marker) always active at backend
# Bug #182: Footer Menu to be disabled
^ Bug #187: translation string not found
^ Bug #189: Fixed english backend language.ini
# Bug #190: 'Reset Map Position'-Link does not lead to map startposition
# Bug #192: mail Send current map view (Mail)
# Bug #196: Misspellings found on various pages of Hotspots
# Bug #214: Highlight current marker brakes map
^ Bug #215: Frontend english translation reviewed and fixed some misspellings
# Bug #216: Width of table columns at backend import from sobi2
# Bug #217: Footer menu address search
^ Bug #228: correction
# Bug #229: Fatal error: call to a member function...
# Bug #230: a is null
# Bug #231: sobi2 import bug on options page
+ Feature #115: placing a marker offroad does not work
+ Feature #135: JomSocial integration
+ Feature #175: Mouse wheel zoom
+ Feature #186: Menu items need to be translated

Updating from previous versions should be fairly easy – just download the new version and install it over the old one. As usual be cautious! Make a backup first – perhaps start to use akeebabackup?

Note: if you have some template overrides for hotspots – make sure that they are up to date. Some of the view files have changed and this can lead to js errors with your overrides.

If you have a subscription you can download Hotspots 1.0 stable from here.
If you don't have a subscription, get one here.
You wish to see a demo? Go here.
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