Hotspots 1.0 beta2 released

Hotspots rocks! Yea, you read that right - hotspots rocks! You still don't believe me? Then check out the demo page: .

What does the new version brings? Well here is the changelog:

# fixed bug 103 - div overlay floating menu is not runing off
# fixed bug 104 - author of the map incorrectly handled
# markers were not loading in single view, due to js error on single view page
# borderwatcher.js and css were not loaded in single view
# fixed bug 138 sobi2 import fix
^ removed uninstall.mysql.sql file - the login is now in the uninstall file
# fixed bug 108 - location lost when editing marker
# fixed bug 109 - incorrect menu placing
# fixed bug 111 - hotspots not showing on CB Tab version 0.9.4
# fixed bug 132 - Search in description - search plugin updated
# fixed bug 136 - Route planner bug
# fixed bug 138 - Sobi2 import not working
# fixed bug 139 - userId not saved when marker added from frontend
# fixed bug 140 - only selected group can post from frontend, instead of selected group + all above it
# fixed bug 141 - new locations link doesn't work properly
# fixed bug 142 - category marker counter changes
# fixed bug 144 - The single view icon for category is now taken from the category icon
+ feature 151 - Option to disable copyright notice in the backend
- removed the slider template - only available template is default
$ fixed bug 153 - translations missing
# fixed bug 154 - Route planner mootools 1.2 / hotspots supports mootools 1.2
# fixed bug 169 - IE7 and IE8 nto loading map
# fixed bug 172 - border watcher doesn't function properly
+ complete uninstall option

As you can see - a lot of bug fixes! But there is a lot more that you don't see in the changelog. A small explanation. All versions prior to this one were making a lot of database queries. For example our development environment had 24 markers and 31 categories. To render the map view, hotspots was making a little more than 100 queries. Now hotspots renders the page with just 4. This change alone should make your website fly like a rocket!

So, now you wonder what is the future - hotspots is nearly perfect :)? You can find the roadmap here:

If you are too tired to read the roadmap - the stable version should be available within 1 month :)

I'm sure that you now wonder  - how can I help? The answer is super easy: "Get hotspots, install it, use it and report all found bugs, if any!" :)

P.S. A big thank you to Yves Hoppe for helping me and to Oliver Schwab for giving us a german translation and finding bugs :)

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