I have decided to register compojoom and all the projects we have started here on . What is chipin – well do you see the “Please donate” module on the right? That is chipin. It will help us raise money and will make the process very clear for you. Strangely, but there are a lot of folks out there thinking that we make a lot of money from !jocomment :) Well, we don’t (Joomla doesn’t get a lot of money, too!)
Here comes the question – how are these people living then? Well, we work for different companies and develop the software on this site in our spare time. It is really great when there is a customer out there wanting a commenting system, blog or wiki for their web site. Then we can work on the projects here and actually get paid for it. Sadly, but it doesn’t happen often.
We have to pay bills (some have to pay their education, too) and, and… here again, sadly but the bills are not paying by themselves.
We need to work, to ensure that we can live. More we work, less time we have to develop the software you love. So, all of you who are using !jocomment on their web site, all of you who plan to use it in the future, all of you who plan to use !joblog and !jowiki, help us! Donate! Donate and you will help us! You will help us develop our software, your software - faster!
A big thank you!
Your compojoom team!
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