Documentation for CompojoomComment

Let us be honest: JoomlaComment sucks at documentation. I didn't want this to apply to CompojoomComment. So I sat down today and wrote this 9 pages installation, update, downgrade, manual update and possible problems and solution guide for CompojoomComment. Right now the content table looks like this:

  • What is all about
  • CMS compatiility
  • Distribution
  • CompojoomComment first time install
    • 1.Method
    • 2.Method
  • Manual install
  • Update From previous version
  • Things to be noted
  • Possible problems and solutions
    • PHP Fatal Error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
    • JFTP::store: Bad response
    • JFolder::files: Path does not point to a valid folder or the folder has been deleted

I'll make it my duty to fill this guide with new information every week

The guide is available to all our support subscribers in the download area.

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