CompojoomComment 4.2 released!

I'm really happy to announce that CompojoomComment 4.2 is available for download. (you can checkout the demo here:

This release was the hardest one I had to do sofar in the 3 year history of Not because it contains some mega complicated features, but it was time to finally support the newest version of Joomla.

Some of you are going to ask - why did you skip joomla 1.6? To be honest, I didn't want to, but I was really pissed at the time that with each new beta version of joomla 1.6 the code that I wrote for the previous one was not working. So I decided to wait for a stable version... This stable version never actually came ( I know that some people may be offended by this statement - but this is the hard truth).
Now with joomla 1.7 we have a completely different milestone! Joomla 1.7 is what joomla 1.6 had to be in the first place (you can also use the Vista versus Win7 analogy here).

Anyway! CompojoomComment now works in joomla 1.5 and 1.7. I recommend that you use the newest version on joomla 1.7 websites (I’m actually also going to migrate to joomla 1.7 this month). Here are few screenshots:

Of course – you can use this version also on joomla 1.5 websites, but you have to be aware of the following thing. The plugin for com_content is not anymore executed onContentPrepare, but only onAfterDisplayContent. This should not disturb you! But if you are one of those unlucky users that use templates that have placed the onAfterDisplayContent event not on the proper place, you’ll have to use a template override to get the “write comment” button at the right position in the frontpage/category blog view.

If on the other side you are on joomla 1.7 and you want to display the captcha only to guest users, then you will have to read this tutorial and create the guest group:  Once you’ve created the guest group you will be able to select it in the settings.

And pretty much that are all the advises I can give you for the new version! You can expect the same old good behavior – you just install it and it runs :)

However, if you encounter any problems, then you can always drop us a line at the forums!

P.S. I forgot to say – we also have a live update option now :)

Get a subscription now and download compojoomcomment here.
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