CompojoomComment 4.1.1 beta1 released

I know that you are already asking yourself - 4.1.1 beta1? How did I manage to miss the 4.1 beta1 release? Well, I didn't keep it secret, but I was neither shouting loud that 4.1beta1 was released last Sunday evening. I did this for 2 reasons:

1st The latest comments module was not ready and 2nd I didn't want to make anything wrong with the subscription system. Now nearly one week later we are ready for the big launch :)

You can watch a quick preview here and look at the feature list here.

The latest comments module is working and is published in the download area - all subscribed users can get it. (Keep in mind that you will have to download the new compojoomcomment version too! otherwise the links in the module are going to be wrong)

What about the subscription system? Our one week tests showed that there are no problems with it either :)

And what about the new compojoomcomment extension? Well, I guess it would be best if you read the first testimonials that we got:

Get a subscription now here!
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Compojoom comment 4.1beta1 - quick preview