Compojoom acquires Hotspots

Have you ever heard of Hotspots? It's an awesome google maps marker manager for Joomla. This extension was developed by Yves Hoppe from . Unfortunately as it happens with a lot of extensions out there the developer doesn't have to time to develop and support the extension.

I know Yves for a year now (we've chatted a lot on MSN) and I was really happy when he asked me for help. From now on Compojoom is going to be the new owner of this already great extension. We will have the honor to deliver to you the first stable version in the next few months.

Right now we've updated the extension to version 0.9.5 ( we've fixed a small bug with the RSS and changed all links to lead to ). Our goals are to improve the usability and feel of the extension with every single release.

The new version (together with the last version released from is waiting for you in the download section. To get it you will need a subscription for hotspots (a 6 or 12 Month one).

As with CompojoomComment we are going to give a free 1 year subscription to people that have donated to the hotspots extension in the past (or have helped with bug fixes, translations etc). Just register on compojoom and send us your username.

Thank you for supporting open source software!

Get a subscription and download Hotspots here.
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