BiggieSmalls and why I'm going to make this template

Do you know the story of Lamborghini?

In his first years Lamborghini was building tractors and other machinery for the agriculture. However he had a passion for automobiles. With the time he was getting richer and richer and was able to purchase cars as Mercedes, Jaguar, Maserati. He bought a Ferrari and that is what changed his life. Lamborghini found out that the cars were equipped with inferior clutches and he had to return several times to Ferrari for clutch rebuilds. One time he was waiting for the technicians to fix that and he went to speak with Enzo Ferrari and complain about the problem. The proud Enzo Ferrari replied: "Lamborghini, you may be able to drive a tractor, but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari properly".

I felt like Lamborghini several times during the past few months.

I have purchased a template from a very big template club. The template was good looking, but had some things that were not OK. When I buy something, I always expect to find support if I have problems. Not that I cannot fix the problem myself, but why spend 1h looking for something, when there are people who should fix that? So, I went to the company forum, found a thread from another user complaining from the same. I've added more details about the problem and started waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. No developer or even a moderator replied to the post for days! Eventually a member of the staff started working on this, but never managed to write a solution. So 3 Months are now past and my Membership has expired. Well, I fixed the problem myself, but I still cannot believe that I got such a support.

Some 4 weeks ago Neil Malhar from ijoobi put the idea in my head to build a template. From this idea BiggieSmalls was born! And believe it or not BiggieSmalls is not that "great" template that you get from another companies - where you have something that looks good, but immediately when you want it to look a little bit else you have to edit 100 CSS files. No BiggieSmalls is not that! Biggiesmalls is for all of you that know CSS on the scale from 1 to 10 with 0 Cool. Eventually if you know CSS you will customize the template within 10 minutes, if you don't know css at all you will customize it within 20 minutes! And you will not have to edit a single CSS file, because all color, border, width, font-style settings are in the backend of Joomla! Right now there are more than 100 settings that you can edit! And that gives you nearly endless possibility to tweak that template! That is why I call it the Lamborghini of all Joomla templates. You get one template and at the end you can make 1000s.

Stay tuned BiggieSmalls is due to be released on the 9th of September 2009 at 9:09h . Edit: BiggieSmalls was released! Find out more here!
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