SEO Contest Siebtlingsgeburt with Joomla 2017

 Joomla is participating at a SEO contest of the organizer of the SEO-Day 2017 in cologne by Fabian Rossbacher. The idea is to rank highest with the keyword " Siebtlingsgeburt ". Start is the 25th of September, end the 12th of October 2017. What is Siebtlingsgeburt? Siebtlingsgeburt is the german word for septuplet. E.g. when a mother giv...
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Where should we go? Questions to YOU on our business model!

Daniel and i are currently thinking a lot on how we could improve our business model. But before we make any changes, that are going to affect you, we wanted to ask you for your feedback and your opinion . You can either just post it as a comment here or contact us privately (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or have a chat with Daniel ...
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Support - Gotta Serve Somebody! You better do it good!

Today I've noticed that our frontpage was taking more than 10 seconds to load. Which is by any means unacceptable. I fired up Firebug and had a look at the network tab. Everything seemed normal, except for the response from the server. The server was taking 10s to generate the first response. After that in just few ms all Javascript and CSS resources were loaded. Due to the fact that we haven't changed anything on the site lately & we also didn't have any traffic spikes what I immediately did was submit a ticket with our hosting provider.

In my ticket I explained what the problem was: "The frontpage is loading really slow, it takes more than 10s for it to load. Sub-pages seems to behave way better at around 2s.... Any ideas what could be wrong?"

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