Installing a developer release

In normal cases you won't have to install developer releases. You are advised to go to the download area and grab the normal package as described in the past chapter. However there are situations where things are not working - if we confirm the problem, we fix it and generally release a developer release to test the fix. We proceed the same way with new features - we add them and create a dev release for those of you who like to experiment with them before the official release gets published.

To get the latest developer release navigate to Downloads -> Developer Releases -> Matukio. The latest release is always on top. Download the package and install it through the Joomla extension manager.


Since developer releases are from experimental nature there is a build in mechanism to abort the installation if we find that you are running a stable release. You can still install a developer release over a stable release, but first you'll need to uninstall Matukio. To keep your data when you uninstall Matukio, you should make sure that the "complete uninstall" option in Matukio configuration is set to no. Once you've made sure that this option is set to no, uninstall Matukio and install the dev release after that.


Please note: Having a backup is never a bad idea!