Matukio Events for Joomla Documentation

Roadmap for Matukio Events

Please note this roadmap is going to be changed quite often and there is no guarantee for it.

Matukio 5.1.13

Last release for Joomla 2.5

Matukio 5.2

Already released. 5.2.8 was last release.

Matukio 6.0


  • Event list view (Table)
  • Category event list view (Table)
  • Featured / Top events view
  • Extra fee options (as a checkbox!)
  • Currency objects (select it per event!)
  • Support for Joomla tags! (event)
  • New form validator for the booking form
  • Revoke dialog and checkbox (like terms, optional)
  • Joomla registration / login during event booking
  • New event detail template: Academy
  • Split dates (e.g. multiple days with breaks etc.)
  • Split of date and time (you can have allday events etc.)
  • Automatic creation of organizer accounts when used as publisher
  • Rewrite of the modern template (improved responsiveness, cleanup, but only minor design changes)
  • Migration to SQL Schema
  • Update TCPDF + fonts
  • Check if email is already registered for guest bookers, if not allowed to book multiple tickets
  • Remove plus sign (+) on event detail page
  • Better tooltips
  • Move event editing to JLayout (easy customizable now)
  • Event detail image (for academy template only)
  • Migration from settings table to config.xml
  • Improved routing! No duplicate event content!
  • Updated fullcalendar, improved responsiveness
  • Option to have no seat / place limitation (e.g. 99999)
  • Payment plugins are now dynamically loaded
  • More Unit- and System-tests
  • Replace of Bootstrap Modal (too many issues with templates)
  • -> Migrated to responsive friendly magnific popup
  • Microdata improvements (SEO!)
  • Sharrif (social media with privacy) support
  • Pagination for bookings and participants in the frontend
  • Improved security (Protection against SQL injections)
  • Override title and max pupil in the date (for recurring dates)
  • Updated documentation (you are reading it right now)
  • More plugin events

Matukio 6.1

  • New view -> Event-Locator with automatic geocoding of locations near you
  • Improved Event-List in the backend
  • Improved RSS Feeds and ICS files
  • Basic REST JSON Query API for information
  • Override of location in the event edit
  • Improved Routing on the eventlist
  • Reject Booking with a message
  • More GeoLocation options
  • Tauristar (Beta) improvements (probably stable with 6.1.x) (optimised on big event pages with 1000s of locations and organizers)

Matukio 6.2

Features which did not make it into Matukio 6 and other minor enhancements.

  • Geolocation option with Google Business
  • Search on key down
  • Date Filter
  • Multi certificate printing
  • Share info about event after booking
  • Google Calendar export / import (Not sure on the details yet)
  • Config settings in config.xml instead of database
  • REST API for Matukio event creation / updating on all tables
  • Multiple images with a new image uploader (see Hotspots)
  • Events with a fixed date (open for a fixed date range)
  • New booking header template (as option)
  • Improved statistics
  • 2 new payment plugins: IGP and Ingenico
  • Multi-Seat discount (linear progression, like X% per additional seat)
  • Override certification email in event

Documentation improvements

  • Updated videos

Technical changes

  • Many other minor changes and improvements


  • Event Search module (You can already search with Joomla search module)
  • An additional Joomla template (like the one on

  • Save in Google Calendar button in the event-detail page

  • Additional tutor objects, separation from organizer

If technically possible:

  • Filter for tags

Matukio 7

Big release with some major changes

See: for the new standalone form builder which is going to be integrated into Matukio Events

  • Complete new form builder for the booking form (Drag & Drop) with CForms Form Builder
  • New Event specific fields (With the form Builder)
  • Field sets for events
  • Event planer / calendar for organizers / admins
  • Archive options and views
  • New improved modules