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Show your Matukio events on the Map (Pro feature)

Starting with Hotspots 3.6 you are now able to show your Matukio events on the google map. For this to work you will need to enable theContent - Hotspots Matukioplugin. Here is an overview of the plugin parameters:

Category Select the Hotspots category where the events should be published.

Link to Determines whether the readmore link on each Hotspots entry should lead to the Matukio event or to the single view of a hotspot.

If you select Matukio make sure that Hotspots Links - Matukio plugin is turned on.

Hotspot name This is the title of the Hotspot. {title} is a placeholder for the event's title. You can use any Matukio event object property as a placeholder.

Hotspots description This is the hotspots description. You can use any property of the Matukio event object as placeholder.

You can use <hr id="system-readmore" /> anywhere in the description to force the text after the hr to go in the fulltext field.

Custom mappings Here you can determine the mapping between the custom fields in hotspots and in Matukio. This way a field that is present in Matukio can be shown in single view of a hotspot. Syntax is as follows: