Hotspots Docs

Installing or manually updating Hotspots

Just like with most Joomla! extensions there are three ways to install or manually update Hotspots on your site:

  • Install from URL.This works only with our commercial extensions. It is the easiest and fastest one, if your server supports it. Most servers do support this method.

  • Upload and install.That's the typical extension installation method for Joomla! extensions. It rarely fails.

  • Manual installation.This is the hardest, but virtually fail-safe, installation method.

Please note that installing and updating Hotspots (and almost all Joomla! extensions) is actually the same thing. If you want to update Hotspots please remember that you MUST NOT uninstall it before installing the new version! When you uninstall Hotspots you will lose all your settings and logs. This is definitely something you do not want to happen! Instead, simply install the new version on top of the old one. Joomla! will figure out that you are doing an update and will treat it as such, automatically.

If you find that after installing or updating Hotspots it is missing some features or doesn't work, please install the same version a second time, without uninstalling the component. The reason is that very few times the Joomla! extensions installer infrastructure gets confused and fails to copy some files or entire folders. By repeating the installation you force it to copy the missing files and folders, solving the problem.