CForms for Joomla! documentation

System requirements and recommendations

Minimum system configuration:

  • > PHP 5.3.10
  • > MySQL 5.5
  • Magic Quotes GPC off
  • PHP 7
  • MySQL 5.7
  • mod_xml, mod_gd2 enabled
  • mod_rewrite (for Apache)

Supported Web servers

  • Apache 2
  • Nginx
  • Microsoft IIS

Make sure the cache directories (media/com_cforms/cache and media/lib_compojoom/cache) are writable through your PHP / Webserver process.

Form Builder Browser (Backend!)

We suggest using Chromium or Google Chrome, as the Webkit JavaScript Engine is one of the fastest.
IE is not supported! Though Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge should work.

Frontend Form Support

Internet Explorer starting with Version 8
and all major other brothers in their current version.