CForms for WordPress Documentation

Roadmap for CForms - Form Builder for WordPress

Please note this roadmap is changes quite often and there is no guarantee for any feature.

CForms 1.0.5

  • More settings and parameters in the form

CForms 2.0.0

  • Conditionals (When select field X than Y)
  • Hide or Show fields on certain devices
  • General bugfixes and translations

  • More field types

  • Email to submitted

  • Email log

CForms 2.1.0

  • Multiple selects

  • Field plugins

  • MailChimp field

CForms 3.0.0

  • Basic Programming

Planed Integrations

  • Integration of Help Desk
  • Integration of MailChimp
  • Integration of Invisible reCaptcha from Google
  • More PayMent providers than PayPal