CComment docs

Compojoomcomment - AlphaUserPoints Integration

Since CComment 5.0 RC2 we provide an integration with AlphaUserPoints(AUP). You'll be able to give users points for new comment & vote up/down. To enable the integration just publish the Compojoomcomment - AlphaUserPoints integration. Unfortunatly the AlphaUserPoints component doesn't come with an API that would allow developers to automatically enable/install the rules for points, that is why you'll have to do some manual work. Unzip the CComment package that you've downloaded from and navigate to components/assets/aup -> here you have the .xml files that define the AUP rules. You can navigate to your Joomla Backend -> Components -> AlphauserPoints -> rules -> Plugins. Then select the rules files and click on upload and install. Once you install all rules you need to publish them and also to assign the points you want for each action.