1. Ton Driessen
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  3. Sunday, 17 March 2013
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Hi all,
For some time i thought this would be very usefull find your spoken
route with location and destiny using your iphone maps.
Even using the phonenumber is possible (pushing just one link/button)
Hope geolocation html5 geolocation will be soon implemented!?

From Safari try this on your iphone: http://maps.apple.com/?daddr=San+Francisco,+CA&saddr=cupertino

Documentation Apple maps:

From Safari try this on your iphone: comgooglemaps://?saddr=Berghem+NL&daddr=Oss+NL

GPS somethimes gives trouble.
So try make some changes and find out ;)
Google maps has to be installed of course.
This should also work from android phone.

Documentation Google maps: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/ios/urlscheme

Regards Ton
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