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  4. Friday, 20 June 2014
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I plaid a bit with the possibilities of recurrent events and I've a question or a bug to report.
I want to set-up recurrent events for my fitness. This means that I need different lessons for every day of the week. 6 lessons on monday, 6 lessons on tuesday, 6 lessons on wednesday, etc. The recurrent lessons are on a weekly base, so every monday it's the same lesson, every tuesday the same lesson, etc.

The creation of the recurrent events is no problem but my affiliates don't see them in a chronological order in the front end.
First they see all recurrent events from monday, then a list of all recurrent events on tuesday, etc.
They should see a list of events in an order like: the 6 lessons from monday, the 6 lessons from tuesday, the 6 lessons from wednesday, .... until sunday and then again the same for the next week.
Is this a bug or am I'm doing something wrong in the creation of the events?

Many thanks for your support
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