1. Sylvain Ard
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  3. Tuesday, 07 October 2008
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Hi !

I want to create a Joomla!Comments plugin for my component com_irf, I have arrived to make the comments visible on my component but I have a problem.

In fact the pages which where the comments would display are like : index.php?option=com_irf&task=fiche&insecte_id=32
The 32 can be another number, the comments are dispayed on every index.php?option=com_irf&task=fiche* good like I wanted but the same comments display on each different insecte_id page.

I would like that each different insecte_id page has its own comments.
I tried a lot of things to do it but none ran.

Thanks for help me !

Good Bye !

PS : Please excuse my bad English !
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