1. Carl Shackford
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  3. Monday, 05 August 2013
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I read the thread about PHP errors with Joomla 3.1.4 after I rolled back my test server to 3.1.0 Should have jumped on here first. I had loaded a site map extension after the CComment so I tackled that first, no change. I knew it was CComment when I used the ccommentoff command on the article that would not load nor give an error within the browser ( Firefox and Chrome). It loaded just fine so the core was working with the article call.

The Joomla update to 3.1.5 was done via the Component menu but now it is giving me an ssl socket error (PHP not defined). The fun never stops, strange how it worked before with no change to the PHP definition. I am going to download the 3.1.5 version manually and install it. I have a feeling that the update may have been the cause vs CComment. I will update this thread either way.

I am not a coder by any means but I am capable of testing. So where can a log be defined or found?


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