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  3. Thursday, 03 July 2008
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I have uploaded the changed files associated with the JoomlaComments Mamblog plugin.

I have mamblog linked as a component in the main menu. When I go to that link: http://d862560.ht158.hightouchhosting.net/component/option,com_mamblog/Itemid,58/ the blogs show without comments.

I have BlogSideBar installed and when I click the category link for the same section, I see the blogs with comments but in a layout I did not specify: http://d862560.ht158.hightouchhosting.net/content/blogcategory/29/52/

Any ideas on how to fix this? I want the comments to show on the Mamblog section no matter how the user gets there...

We are trying to get this functioning this weekend.
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