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  3. Saturday, 28 June 2008
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First, thanks to your JoomlaComment support :)

Few questions please :
- if I install JoomlaComment 3.25 now in Legacy Mod, do you ensure me that I will upgrade to !JoomlaComment 4 without lost my datas ?
- I saw in emo that when there is a lot of answer to a comment, the block go over the template, it's not really nice... Is it a bug or normal ?
- is it possible to select the active UBCode that we want ? (could you do a simple page with screen-shot of configurations ?)
- JoomlaComment is it compatible with Gravatar ?
- can we choose the anti-spam system we want ?
- can we choose the fields we want to form ? (Name / Email / WebSite / Title) ?

Thanks a lot ;)
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