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  3. Wednesday, 19 March 2014
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I am creating a custom list of hotspots directly from the database.
I need to build a HREF link to individual hotspot from the database.
I've noticed the individual hotspot URL is excellent for SEF but quite complex to generate from the database, example
You have both category name and spot name, with special characters stripped or substituted, and length capped at 45 chars...
Can you please help? Perhaps there is an easier way to generate a link just by using the ID?

PS so far my SQL query:
SELECT j0385_hotspots_marker.name as Name, cat_name as Type, CASE left(plz,1) WHEN '0' THEN 'Northern Territory' WHEN '2' THEN 'New South Wales' WHEN '3' THEN 'Victoria' WHEN '4' THEN ' Queensland ' WHEN '5' THEN ' South Australia' WHEN '6' THEN 'Unknown' WHEN '7' THEN 'Tasmania' ELSE 'Unknown' END as State , town as Suburb, plz as Postcode, street as Address FROM j0385_hotspots_marker, j0385_hotspots_categorie where j0385_hotspots_categorie.id = catid
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