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  3. Tuesday, 08 July 2008
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I'm spanish and Sorry for my bad english.

Recentlly, I install JoomlaComment and its powerfull. I look this tutoria: http://compojoom.com/media/tutorials/TEMPLATEcopy_320.html and I do everything.

I amb interested to do that Write comment stays on the right because now, the text is on the top wit: "Read more" (Only with Firefox 3.0)

I have loaded: Default-emotop and css.css but I didn't look the write comment class.

How can i do wrongly?

Thanks a lot and Thk very much!

EDIT: My website is http://www.barcelonafriendly.com

I think that other good system is that only displays "Write Comment" when the user looks all article.
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