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  3. Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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On this site I'm using an old version of hotspots: Titlehttp://www.avemec.ch/presentation/membres/recherche-geographique

As you can see, in right poanel, categories icones are placed in tabs. This is useful as by default when accessing the page, user see hotspots from both category and then if he want to see hotspots from one category he just has to click on it then if he want to see the other hotspot he click in the other category tab.

In this site I'm using last version of hotspots: Titlehttp://www.calinesse.com/revendeurs but the problem is that I don't have anymore the categories in tab.

How can I do to have same categories logical filtre from old version of hotsports to new one?

Thanks for you support.

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