Distribute language packs with ease

CTransifex is a Joomla Extension that integrates with the Transifex API and allows you to easily distribute language packs for your Joomla extensions. There is no need anymore to manually zip language files and upload them to your server.

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CTransifex - language packs made easy!

1 click pack generation

Once you configure the extension you'll be able to generate all available language translations with just 1 click!


Encourage user translations

The frontend view of each language pack clearly shows the status of the translation and encourages the user to contribute to it.


Comprehensive documentation

You'll need to spent few minutes configuring this extension - there is no way around this. Our comprehensive documentation will be at your side all the time!


Customer reviews

What our customers have to say about CTransifex

Works well, looks nice!
Although we already had a similar system, we decided to switch to ctransifex for supplying translations of our project to our users, because ctransifex offers the language packs for download in a nice user interface and also encourages users to contribute to translations by displaying a direct link to incomplete translations on Transifex. Currently we have approximately 3000+ strings holding 15000+ words in the source language files and therefore I can confirm that ctransifex can save a lot of working hours for (voluntary) language managers of a project.

written by jk1

A Must Have for the translation managing toolbox
This tool is a serious time saver, and can do in minutes what usually would take hour(s). One click, and CTransifex automatically does all the hard work from fetching all the files, creating correct XML-files and building ready to install zip language packs that users can instantly download moments later. Highly useful if you are maintaining language packs where translations are done using Transifex.

written by ot2sen


Why use CTransifex?

A lot of developers were using the Transifex platform to ease the translation process for their extensions. Translating the extensions is just the first step - distributing those translations is what comes next and it easier said than done. Manually zipping and uploading to a server is definitely not the way to do it. So that is why we've created CTransifex. Once you configure your project, you can generate all available language packs for your extension and the best part is that CTransifex will auto-update the language packs whenever a string was translated on Transifex. Now you can concentrate on the important part -> make your extensions better!


Features at a glance!
  • Send emails through the Mandrill API optimized for speed
  • Look at the most important stats ( send, receive, bounce rates) directly from your Joomla backend
  • Configure a global HTML template for emails
  • Create HTML templates for specific components and even further define each view or task that should use the template


CTransifex is available in two editions, Core and Professional.

If you are reading this page you most probably know what CTransifex is - it is a time saver! No more manual packagining, no more ftp uploads. Our goal is to help the Joomla community to distribute language packs and this way help users around the globe to enjoy Joomla extensions in their mother tongue. CTransifex saves you time, but it also requires a lot of our own time. We would like to continue with the development of the component (as there is still a lot of potential), but at the same time we cannot afford to put a lot of time in a free product. That is why we came with 2 licensing options for CTransifex:

CTransifex Core is a Free as in "free speech" and as in "free beer" for all free joomla extensions/plugin/modules. Yes, that is correct! If you distribute a free joomla extension and you don't have any commercial version of it you don't have to pay anything.

CTransifex Professional, on the other hand, is the version distributed for a fee. It is for those of you who want to contribute to the future development of the component (if you are a commercial developer using the Core extension, please consider getting a pro subscription).

Feature Core Professional
Forum support
Ticket support
Packaging of language files
Webhooks support

Ready to give CTransifex a try?

CTransifex is fully compatible with Joomla 3.9 till Joomla 3.10!!
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