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Tips to Survive as the Human Player in Zombs Royale

Online games for pc vary based on the performance of the average computer. If everyone could afford high-tech gaming PCs, then games like Zombs Royale wouldn't exist. Regardless of Zombs Royale's low graphics levels, it is still an incredibly enjoyable game.
Zombs Royale works something like the zombie mode for Player Unknown Battlegrounds. One player is chosen to be the human, while the other 99 play as zombies. Zombies can't pick up weapons or armor. However, zombies are also all on the same team. Their sole purpose is to locate the human player and kill them.
While there is a certain level of horde strategy to work on as a zombie, this guide is for playing as a human. Surviving against 99 other players all at once, weapons or no, is a difficult task! You need to move fast and smart if you are to outwit your opponents.
Read on to learn how to survive against a horde of zombies in Zombs Royale!

Avoid landing where zombies might be

Don't Take a Predictable Drop
Zombies get to choose where they drop as well. You should avoid going directly to places that many zombies are likely to go to. When you first land, you will be completely defenceless. A single zombie could kill you easily.
Your goal should be to land somewhere with few enemies and some weapons to choose from. Luckily, many weapons tend to spawn, so you should be alright to drop into any unmarked area.

Get a Gun First
As soon as you land, go and grab the first gun you see! If a zombie finds you before you have a gun, you're done for. Get a gun and hold it at the ready. After doing so, start looking for better guns and some armor.
You'll need armor if you want to survive more than a couple of hits from the zombies. While a gun is the most essential thing to collect, armor, medicine, and so forth are highly important as well.


Keep moving or the zombies will get you

Keep Moving
Staying in one area is bound to get you noticed. Zombies tend to build up into a hoard, whether they're NPCs or human players. Getting hit by a big enough hoard will get you killed, regardless of your weaponry.
On top of that, there's a giant circle that closes in on you every now and then. As the circle shrinks, so too does the size of the map. If there are still many zombies alive by the time this circle closes in on you, you're pretty much dead.
To avoid this happening, you need to get out there and find good weapons and armor quickly so that you can face the zombies that come at you. Sometimes, fights will be out of your control. At other times, you may get to choose a fight or two, which brings us to the next point.


Take out small groups so they can't build a hoard

Pick Off Lone Zombies
Whenever you get the opportunity to kill a zombie that’s alone, take it! This is not one of those online games on computer to play safe and careful all the time. You need to take the risk of popping off the occasional zombie so that they can’t all hoard over you when the circle gets too small.
By the time you reach the end game, you should’ve killed at least half of the zombies bit by bit. Withstanding even fifty of them is already going to be difficult, but there are ways and means by which you can do it. For the meantime, you must continue to collect as many powerful weapons and items as you can, while taking a shot at any zombie you see on its own.
If there are even two or three zombies, you may want to avoid engaging them in a fight. Even if you could kill them, it would take some time to knock them all out. While you fight, you’ll be firing your gun, which will alert nearby zombies to your location. Should you take too long to kill off the zombies that are chasing you now, you may find yourself overrun by other zombies that were near enough to catch up with you!


Zombies can't see past bushes

Utilize Bushes
Hiding in bushes is the best way to catch one or two zombies off guard. If a lone zombie sees you coming, they may go to find others to fight you (if they’re controlled by human players, anyway). Once you have some powerful weaponry, you can hide yourself in a bush and wait for a couple of them to get near enough to you for a shotgun blast or something similar.
As I said earlier, it is dangerous to attack a group of zombies out in the open. If you’re concealed and have the element of surprise, you should be able to kill them quickly enough to take off and hide somewhere else while the hoard is looking for you near their dead comrades.
Remember that you can still be spotted while in a bush. If you move or switch weapons, nearby zombies may see you and alert their friends. Once you place yourself in a bush, do your best to stay perfectly still until you’re ready to engage.


Long range weapons let you kill without being seen

Use a Sniper Rifle and an Automatic Shotgun
As the game comes to a close, the weapons you will dearly need are a sniper rifle and an automatic shotgun. Equipping the long-range sniper rifle allows you to see twice as far as the zombies. You can use this to your advantage by killing them outside their view box.
Take a couple of shots and kill one or two zombies, then move away from where you were. While those zombies are looking for you, you can shoot some others elsewhere.
If you do get caught, switch to the automatic shotgun, and finish off any nearby zombies before going back to the sniper rifle.
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