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  3. Thursday, 07 November 2019
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Hi support team

I can't figure out why Hotspot submission does not work when logging in as a registered user frontend.

The issue occurs when EngageBox renders the submission form triggered by the button at the bottom of the page, but according to the extension developer of EngageBox, it just render the form and has nothing to do with how it works.

It works just fine as a public user, but when you log in as a registered user the map inside the submission form disappears, and because of that it is not possible to place a sticky marker, resulting the form cannot be submitted, which is a big issue because the whole project depends on this feature.

However, there is no problem if I log in as a registered user and trigger the submission form from the Mega Menu.

I would be very very grateful for your help on what settings I might have done wrong.

Sorry for my terrible english if so.

Side note:
I wonder if it could possible have something to do with the custom.css code in template .no-contentblock section#mainwrap{display:none;} that should hide the MAIN area not to be shown simultaneously with other modules.

If so should the code "no-contentblock" possible be inserted at the MenuItems containing the custom HTML module: Joomla --> Menu --> All MenuItems --> choose menu containing a custom HTML modul --> Page Display --> Page Class.

But these thoughts are possible nonsense.
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