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  3. Thursday, 25 April 2019
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If I have understood correctly, Hotspot cannot be featured as a menu item because it is joomla content. To solve that I made a hidden menu item containing a Custom HTML module to be published to the WHATEVER1 area of the template.

Problem is that the featured menu item and the other menu items cannot be published to the same position if they are using the same Custom HTML module position. So the module positions the menu items are pointing at, has to be different, otherwise it will be shown twice in the same page.

As standard Hotspot is published to the MAINCONTENT area, so the featured menu item has to be published to WHATEVER1 area. Only this way it's possible to make the other menu items published to the MAINCONTENT area without being shown twice. This explains why I have to use two different positions for the same Hotspot map view component.

Is it correctly understood that Hotspot cannot be featured without using a Custom HTML module?

Is it avoidable for Hotspot to be shown twice when using the same Custom HTML module position, which you are forced to use as an alternative?

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